17 January 2012

arakeala.blogspot.com revived

So this old blogspace is being revived. 90% of you didn't even know me back in 2006, so this will mean nothing to you, and never mind. Old posts are gone, don't waste your energies looking for them.
The new purpose will be ... being the space, where I can let out thoughts, ideas and opinions on ... the world as I see it.

As this whole thing is mainly procrastination, I make no promises of regularity of posts or themes of content. But, be warned, I am a feminist, I'm anti-racist, very relativist, opinionated, some call me radicalist. So expect opinions.

As for language - this is a tricky detail. Appreciating the irony of this very sentence, I oppose English being the taken for granted lingua franca in our society today, and I prefer to communicate in other languages if I have them in common with people. But, it is also the language that more people speak and understand, so, dilemma. The idea at this point: writing the post in the language most relevant for the theme (so, say, labour politics in Denmark: in Danish; gender politics in Spain: in Spanish; and so forth). Realising that this will mean that most people might not be able to understand 50% of my posts.... I'll give it a try nonetheless. It is my blog, after all. And do you the service of making an effective tag system so as not require too much effort for finding something in a language you understand. And who knows - maybe I'll end up putting everything in English anyways.

In the brewings are posts on abortion and emergency contraception in Italy, up as soon as I finish and translate them. So, stay tuned, and hope to be read by you!

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